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Smart Fix Roofing offers a wide variety of residential roofing services. We treat your home with the utmost respect and care because we know your home is one of your most important assets. Our professional, skilled team works on your roofing project from beginning to end, taking care to pay attention to every detail of the project.

We never subcontract any work so we can ensure the highest quality workmanship is provided. When there is an issue with your home, we want to be able to lift the burden from you and provide you with the most dependable roofing service possible. We take pride in being able to give our customers peace of mind that their roof will be properly installed or repaired.


Roof Replacement

Roofing replacement is more than just nailing down shingles.


An overlay roof occurs you when keep your existing roof as is, choosing instead to shingle on top of it.


The most common problems with a tiled roof are broken tiles (slates or shingles), missing tiles and damage to a valley. These may be due to natural wear and tear, or as a result of storm damage.


We have an extensive range of flashings to suit your every need, from small projects, to large scale industrial roof flashing. All flashings are custom made to order, to ensure that you always get the right flashing for the job.

Gutters and Downspouts

The motivation behind a canal framework is to gather water from the rooftop and direct it far from the building’s foundation by methods for down gush augmentations, sprinkle pieces, or underground deplete lines.

Siding – Vinyl and Aluminum

Specializing in siding installation, Smart Fix Roofing has been providing quality commercial and residential service to customers for many years, and we offer the finest siding products available.


Windows are the optimal solution used in modern construction. Roof windows illuminate the room interior, provide a view to the outside and allow ventilation of the attic.

Ice guard

Ice guard is a waterproof membrane that is installed on a roof, underneath the shingles. When installed correctly, it is an excellent way to prevent ice dams from causing interior leaks.

Ice Melt Cables

“Ice Melt Cables or Roof Heat Tape ” is a term used interchangeably with several other terms used to describe cables that are installed on your roof to control the formation of ice dams.

Carpentry work

Smart Fix Roofing are specialists in the construction of pitched roofs. With hundreds of roof structures completed every year, our accomplished roofing carpenters will complete every project quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Slate- repairs

The durability of slate depends on 4 factors: the physical and mineralogical properties of the slate; the way in which it was taken out of the quarry and fabricated; the quality of the installation; and, regular and timely maintenance.


A skylight can bring light, beauty, and healthful benefits to your home or commercial property. Imagine have an otherwise dark room flooded with natural light from above, illuminating activities and delivering the warm glow of the sun right into your home!

Ventilation – New and Additional

Air tightness and energy efficiency are key considerations for builders of new homes. Each new room in a house should have adequate ventilation for general health reasons. The type of room will determine how much ventilation is required.

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