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Residential Roofing replacement

Roof Replacement

Residential Roofing replacement is more than just nailing down shingles. Today, effective roofing relies on advanced material technology and an integrated system approach aimed at protecting your biggest asset – you home. Installing a new shingle roof is a huge commitment, so understanding the entire re-roofing process from start to finish can be highly beneficial to you as a homeowner.

From questions about the cost involved to knowing the installation pitfalls to watch out for, there’s a lot of information that you need to familiarize yourself with if you want a successful replacement with no costly surprises along the way.

We’ve nailed down a re-roofing process that’s guaranteed to give you the best roof for your buck.

Whether we’re replacing a shingle, slate or metal roof, surface preparation is always the same.

    • Property Protection: Our first job is to assure that your entire property is fully protected while roofing replacement is underway.
    • Removal of Old Roofing Material: All old shingles have to be completely removed in order to inspect wood decking.
    • Roofing Inspection: Every roofing replacement project begins with a thorough inspection of the wood decking.
    • Preparing The Roof Surface For Shingles
      • Drip Edge Installation – After wood decking is prepared we install drip edge at all edges of the roof.
      • Ice and water shield installation – Next step is installing “ice and water shield” which is a special type of roofing underlayment.
      • Roofing felt installation – After ice and water shield is applied, the rest of the roof needs to be cover with roofing felt.
    • New Roofing Material Installation: After the above steps are completed and the base is ready, we start laying out the new roofing material, working from the bottom up, followed by step and/or counter flashing, ridge vents, and ridge capping installation, as needed.
    • Site Cleanup: We clean job site daily.
    • Final inspection: Each roofing replacement project includes a meticulously performed, post-roofing inspection



Asphalt shingles are one of the least expensive roofing materials, and they are available in a wide variety of colors. Asphalt shingles are commonly used on sloped roofs, single homes and smaller residential projects just to name a few. This material is very easy to install and provides flexibility during its installation process.

Nowadays, shingles are also available with different textures, thickness, and they can be treated against mold and mildew.

Types of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are divided into two categories-

    • Organic

Organic shingles are made up of paper with an asphalt coating that converts them into a ‘waterproof’ product.

    • Fiberglass.

Fiberglass Shingles provide better fire protection than organic shingles. Like organic shingles, fiberglass shingles are treated with a protective resin coating that converts them into ‘waterproof’ material. New developments and technology have been able to create architectural shingles, using two layers bonded with a special sealant that adds an eye-appealing visual effect to the roof.

Residential Roofing replacement

Siding – Vinyl and Aluminum

Specializing in siding installation, Smart Fix Roofing has been providing quality commercial and residential service to customers for many years, and we offer the finest siding products available. Whether you’re looking to enhance the look of your house, increase its resale value, or perform repairs, our qualified and experienced contractors will help you figure out the best option to fit your needs and budget.

We offer siding in a wide variety of styles and materials, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Cedar Shingles
  • Engineered or Composite Wood
  • HardiPlank and HardiPanel
  • Stucco
  • Vinyl
  • Wood Clapboard

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Residential Roofing replacement


An overlay roof occurs when keep your existing roof as is, choosing instead to shingle on top of it. It’s good to know that you can only choose this option if your roof has not been overlaid previously.

An overlay is done when there are no previous or existing leaks; and a roof with no sidewalls where flashing is needed to tie in the roofing material to the exterior walls of the home. However, if you overlay, you cannot install an ice and water-leak barrier, as it has to adhere directly to the wood decking. So, if you have an ice dam in the wintertime, it could easily travel under the overlay and leak under the old roof.


  • Less Expensive – Since you’re simply adding another layer of shingles on top of the old roof, your labor costs will be considerably less. That’s why many people opt for the overlay method if possible, as it can be much cheaper.
  • Less Time – Again, as there is less labor, your home will be under construction for a shorter period of time. This is great if you need a new roof immediately, or if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on lodging for the duration of the project.

Whether you decide to go with a less expensive overlay option, or bite the bullet and tear off the old roof, Smart Fix Roofing is your first call! We’ll visit your home before we do anything, so we can properly inspect your roof and give you our honest assessment. Give us a call at 216-303-4849 or apply for your free estimate online today!

Residential Roofing replacement


We have an extensive range of flashing to suit your every need, from small projects, to large scale industrial roof flashing. All flashing are custom made to order, to ensure that you always get the right flashing for the job.

Got Something To Hide? … Cover It Up With a Flashing!

  • Standard, curved or custom flashing is available to suit your requirements.
  • Flashing is available in a wide range of colors to match your theme.
  • Flashing materials include pre-painted steel, zinc/al, aluminium, stainless steel and copper.
  • Choose from a variety of flashing thicknesses and lengths.
  • State of the art machinery ensures greater bend accuracy and produces standard flashings at high volume.

Residential Roofing replacement

Residential Roofing replacement

Gutters and Downspouts

The motivation behind a canal framework is to gather water from the rooftop and direct it far from the building’s foundation by methods for down gush augmentations, sprinkle pieces, or underground deplete lines. Improperly working canal frameworks can add to water moving down against fascia’s and under-rooftop shingles can harm soffits and stain or fall apart siding materials. It can likewise prompt soil disintegration around structures. In addition, can cause genuine water and establishment uprooting issues in storm cellars and slither spaces.

Smart Fix Roofing gives canal cleaning, repairs and installation of canal frameworks. Call us today and let us clean and additionally repair your present drain framework.

Gutters – Cleaning

We will inspect the gutter system for defective areas and will provide you with an estimate if you’d like for the cost of repairing your gutter system. While we are there, we can take a quick look at your roofing system. We will check for any visible signs of damage or possible leak issues.

Gutters – Repairs

If you let water collect along the foundation, hydrostatic pressure will build, and water will eventually find its way inside the house. It’s equally important to keep the ground around a hillside home dry. For these reasons, it’s important that your gutters are in proper working order.


Windows are the optimal solution used in modern construction. Roof windows illuminate the room interior, provide a view to the outside and allow ventilation of the attic. Depending on the type of loft space and customer requirements, the appropriate roof window type can be chosen for each room.

When choosing new or replacement windows for your home, we focus on providing our customers with hassle-free windows that can stand the test of time. Our team will recommend the most functional and attractive windows that highlight your home’s architecture. With efficient glass systems, replacement windows will offer substantial noise reduction and energy savings.

Residential Roofing replacement

Ice guard

Ice guard is a waterproof membrane that is installed on a roof, underneath the shingles. When installed correctly, it is an excellent way to prevent ice dams from causing interior leaks.

If you’re going to have a roof replaced within the next year or so, you should probably take some time to do a bit of research about ice & water shield. It’s a thin rubberized asphalt membrane that goes beneath the shingles of your roof – typically only along the overhangs and in the valleys. It can protect your home from water leaks caused by ice dams and wind-driven rain. You should seriously consider using ice & water shield if you live in ice dam country.

Ice and water shield looks like a long sheet of sticky black plastic. It’s available in several different brands, including Grace, WeatherLock, Weather Watch, Moisture Guard Plus, and more. Grace Ice & Water Shield is the only brand that we would recommend you use. In our opinion, you should ask for it by name.

For clients who want to install a long-lasting, affordable yet robust solution, we offer a heavy-duty line of ice dam prevention products. We don’t simply sell heat tape and deicing cable, we install it. Miles of it. As a result, we understand it in a way no other heat tape retailer can claim.

Residential Roofing replacement

Ice Melt Cables

“Ice Melt Cables or Roof Heat Tape ” is a term used interchangeably with several other terms used to describe cables that are installed on your roof to control the formation of ice dams.

Ice Melt Cables are generally used to create relief channels in ice dams to allow for the efficient escape of water off a pitched roof. Ice Melt Cables not only prevent all ice from forming, but keeps ice from forming along certain pathways. Ice dams cause leaks when snow melts higher on the roof and that melted water hits a ‘dam’ of ice. With nowhere else to go, the water is forced to back up under the roofing materials and into the structure. Ice Melt Cables are designed to create channels through the ice dam to let that water escape.

Other terms People Use for Heat Cable

There are a lot of terms besides ‘ice melting cables’. Some of the names we hear frequently are:

  • De-icing cable
  • Roof heat coils
  • De-icing Tape
  • Roof heater cables
  • Zig-zag cables
  • Gutter heat tape
  • Roof heat cable
Residential Roofing replacement


A skylight can bring light, beauty, and healthful benefits to your home or commercial property. Imagine having an otherwise dark room flooded with natural light from above, illuminating activities and delivering the warm glow of the sun right into your home!

Whether you need the roof repaired, new roof, skylights or other improvements – we can get the job done right. Contact us or schedule your appointment online today for your estimate on your residential roofing or skylight project.

The Benefits Of A Skylight:

The health benefits of natural light in your home are numerous. Sunlight is also essential for the body to produce Vitamin D, which is necessary for strong, healthy bones.

  • Natural sunlight is the best source of illumination for your home or office.
  • No electrical light – even from today’s advanced light bulbs.
  • Produces the brightness, sharpness, and healthful benefits of sunlight.

Do Your Skylight Right!

Some people worry about having problems with a skylight. They worry about leaks, maintenance, or other issues that are compounded by a structure that is high overhead.

The answer is simple: Make sure you purchase a quality skylight product and have it properly installed. Choosing the right size, shape and style of skylight for your roof is a critical decision.

Residential Roofing replacement

Carpentry Work

Smart Fix Roofing are specialists in the construction of pitched roofs. With hundreds of roof structures completed every year, our accomplished roofing carpenters will complete every project quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

The art of cut roofing is a rare skill that the majority of carpenters shy away from due to the complexity of the cuts and advanced mathematics (Trigonometry) required to work out the rafter lengths. All our roofs are made to order. If architectural drawings are unavailable, the roof structure can be designed on site by our carpenters or, for more complicated roofs, off site by our surveyors

Our customers are our primary focus, Smart Fix Roofing has always understood that good customer services are the key to achieving success in the competitive construction industry. It is our clients who have made us who we are, recommending us to fellow builders, architects, designers and project managers has seen us go from strength to strength.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all past and present clients and we look forward to working with you all again in the future.

Residential Roofing replacement

Slate Roof Repair

The durability of slate depends on 4 factors: the physical and mineralogical properties of the slate; the way in which it was taken out of the quarry and fabricated; the quality of the installation; and, regular and timely maintenance.

Broken, cracked and missing slates should be replaced as soon as possible by experienced slaters to avoid water damage to the interior finishes, accelerated deterioration of the roof battens, as well as the possible degradation to the structural timber trusses.

How We Do Slate Roof Repair?

A trained slate roofing expert will assess the roof, and supply you with a proposal to carry out the necessary repair.

Once the proposal is accepted, we will order the slate from the quarry and set up a start date with you.

The damaged slate is then removed by pulling out the nails with a ripper. The correct replacement slate is then slid into place and secured with a steel hook or clip (conventional roof system).

The application of roofing mastic or waterproofing sealants to damaged slates should not be considered as a viable repair alternative, because although they may be effective at first, they will eventually harden and allow water to enter the roof. Mastic also makes future repairs difficult to execute, is unsightly, and increases the costs when having to rectify the incorrect repair.

You are assured of the best knowledge and expertise in the industry, and we look forward to establishing a long term relationship with you in servicing your slate roof.

Residential Roofing replacement

Ventilation – new and additional

An important part of a healthy home, and a complete roofing system, is roof vents.

The installation of roof vents is a crucial part of roof design because it allows for proper attic ventilation, which may help prevent condensation and early aging of your roofing materials

Advantages of proper roofing ventilation

Although there are many different types of roof vents to choose from, ensuring you have the right number of both intake and exhaust vents is a central part of roof design.

Proper attic ventilation offers numerous advantages to the homeowner:

  • As the ventilation helps moderate the temperatures in the attic, this will also help moderate the temperature in the rest of the home
  • It helps prevent moisture buildup in your attic, which, during colder months, can help prevent condensation issues that can affect the materials in the attic space, especially insulation.
  • By preventing excess heat buildup, proper ventilation promotes energy efficiency in the home, so your heating costs may be lower
  • It helps protect the life of the roofing materials (condensation is a leading cause of damage to roofing materials, such as asphalt roofing shingles)
  • It helps you remain compliant with most local building codes, which often require proper attic ventilation in homes